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We all need an electric platform truck


We are so proud to launch a new model in our electric power tools family–that is Electric Platform Truck QTP200P model! Since there are so many clients required a light electric trolley but with both stability and effortless operation, the handle platform trolley finally came out! In this page, I will share something about this model to help you find a cute but great equipment!

electric platform truck

What is electric platform truck?

With light lithium battery and DC Brushless motor. Metal platform supporting 250kgs load capacity for daily works , max working time is 5hours after fully charged.  All the control system on the handle bar, transmission 1F+1R, max speed more than 4km/h, different with QTP200E trolley, It’s designed to stop slowly not directly when release accelerator, so add the brake to make sure under control if any accident. There are 6inches solid wheels, considering this part, it’s more suitable to move on flat ground, also all the rage in warehouse transporting. Although with simple structure, there still have some thoughtful designs. Voice notice when connect and cut battery, and will let you know while battery capacity left under 30%. The safety voice will keep reminding you when reverse function is running, let someone others you didn’t noticed avoid you by themself. For some owners who take more care about storing and carrying, we made foldable handle to save the storage space, easy to put on your carrier to anywhere.

QTP200P electric platform truck some highlights

What’s more, there are handsome advantages of QTP200P electric platform truck must be mentioned.

First one is the cruise function. One of the common problems to electric cart is the accelerator which should be hold all the time while running, for some jobs with long working time and distance, your fingers wanna off work. QTP200P electric platform truck this function is designed for solving this thing, when you touch the button, the cart will start to move by itself and keep the speed at that moment. What you need to do is holding the handle bar to control direction, which is kindly for transporting some heavy stuff.

Next one is the manual-electric exchangeable design , there is some models with full electric system which is really hard to be moved when empty of battery capacity, cause the big problem like suddenly stop while using. We make the motor wheels and caster wheels separately to make sure it can keep going without electric power Even though you forgot to charge the cart, it can be worked as a manual cart to meet daily use.

Certainly, there is no limit of designs.

As a supplier with 10years experience for exporting, we high on taking soundings, not only for OEM service but also for customization, totally welcome! The working time and load capacity can be adjusted by changing the battery and motor, only one thing you should knows is the type of charging plug and let us know that when make orders. Besides, we can do customized package to online sellers for better selling, such as print the logo or put sticker on the carton, welcome to share more request with us.

In a word, if you are exactly looking for a light electric transporter but with multi functions, QTP200P electric platform truck will open your eyes to know how much it can do ! No need heavy and inflexible tools for short distance moving and transporting anymore, one platform cart can achieve all ! Now lead time is fast and stable, why not a trial order?

Welcome to find more info on our website : www.tradepeakchina.com , leave message or email to get more details , we are ready for you serving you!   

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