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Best electric wheelbarrow 700w motor 3.5h of continuous use with a load of 300kg

QTP200P electric wheelbarrow is a convenient transport vehicle launched by TRADE PEAK in 2022. Two 350w motors have strong driving power and can be used continuously for 3.5 hours with a load of 300kg.

Additional information




350W x 2


8Ah Lithium battery

Wheel Size


Hopper Size


Product Warranty

6 months

Load Capacity


Product Details

Are electric wheelbarrows good?

The answer is yes, good!

  • First of all, the electric wheelbarrow reduces the labor burden. The operator only needs to move his fingers, and the operation is simple and requires no training.
  • Second, it is green, environmentally friendly, pollution-free, and has a simple structure, which is in line with the international trend of energy conservation.
  • Third, the use cost is low, and one hour of electricity can be used for 7-8 hours, which is almost negligible.
  • Fourth maintenance free.

Electric Wheelbarrow

How to choose a good electric wheelbarrow.

To buy a good electric trolley,
1. Choose a good service provider, so that products and after-sales are guaranteed.
2. It is necessary to understand the main core components of the electric trolley, the main components of the TRADE PEAK QTP200P, the motor, battery, controller, charger, main body, motor, and battery are guaranteed for 12 months, and other main components are guaranteed for 6 months.
3. The selection of motors and batteries is simple. Just choose a brand certified by an international organization. The controller must be selected with a quality assurance, TUV or GS safety certification. TRADE PEAK uses a brand with safety certification.
4. Don’t ignore the charger. There is a big difference on charger price which is $3.00 – $30.00. The terrible accident of fire due to the low quality of charger. The Trade Peak Charger is covered by CE and Safety Insurance Certificates.

powered wheelbarrow

powered wheelbarrow QTP200P

  1. 700w motor (350wx2)
  2. 8Ah battery
  3. 900x600mm platfrom (customizable)
  4. Top speed 6km/h
  5. 1 forward and 1 backward
  6. 2 swivel wheels provide steering

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