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3 wheel battery powered wheelbarrow low-cost TRADE PEAK 200kg QTP151E

QTP151E 3- wheel battery powered wheelbarrow is an environmentally friendly and energy-saving trolley that is timely launched according to the higher requirements of users for products.The main features are that there is no noise, no exhaust gas, and it can be used continuously for 6 hours without fuel. It only needs to be charged for 2 hours. It is the best means of transportation for gardens, farmlands and buildings.

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Load Capacity

Product Warranty

6 months


Wheel Size

16×4.00-10 Pneumantic

Product Details

How a 3- wheel battery powered wheelbarrow works.

TRADE PEAK QTP151E battery powered wheelbarrow is consists of motor, battery, controller, steering wheel and body:

  • 24v, 12Ah battery powered, 700W brushless motor.
  • Two 200mm inflatable swivel wheels to control the direction.
  • Adjust the accelerator handle and adjust the motor speed through the built-in controller.
  • One-click to select forward or backward.
  • The electromagnetic brake slows downhill speeds and stops the parking brake.
  • Manual tipping bucket, free switching between two types of buckets.

electric wheelbarrowbattery powered wheelbarrow

Precautions for using QTP151E electric powered wheelbarrow.

  1. After receiving the electric powered wheelbarrow, check if there is any damage.
  2. Some battery powered wheelbarrow need to be assembled by customers themselves. When assembling parts, the connectors of the power supply should be firmly connected to prevent the connectors from loosening and short-circuiting.
  3. After long-term transportation, the battery will be depleted, and the battery must be fully charged before use.
  4. Battery powered wheelbarrow are equipped with inflatable wheels, and a reasonable tire pressure should be maintained before use. Too low pressure will affect the steering of the vehicle and battery power consumption.
  5. Do not use a high-pressure water gun to clean the battery box of an electric vehicle to prevent water damage inside.

TRADE PEAK QTP151E vehicle parameters:

Electric wheelbarrowpowered wheelbarrow



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