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Low-cost QTP500W 6.5HP wheel loader reliable 1100lbs power barrow

TRADE PEAK QTP500W wheel loader is a 4-wheel drive, 6.5 hp gasoline 4-stroke engine, suitable for the transportation of vegetable greenhouses, farmland and construction sites. The body width of 68cm is especially suitable for working in small spaces.

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Engine Brand

Engine Power

Fuel type


Hopper Size


Load Capacity

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Turnaround Mode

Clutch Steering

Wheel Size

16×4.00-10 Pneumatic Wheel

Product Details

Detailed parameters and product features of QTP500W 4×4 wheel loader

  • QTP500W power wheelbarrow has 6 pcs 4.00-10 inflatable wheels, 4 pcs in the front and 2pcs in the back.
  • QTP500W wheel loader uses off-road tires with strong grip.
  • 3 forward gears 1 reverse gear.
  • QTP500w wheel loader adopts clutch steering.
  • Maximum speed 4km/h.
  • The fuel tank capacity is 4L and it can work continuously for 4 hours with full fuel.
  • The load capacity is 500kg and the full load can cross obstacles of 30 degrees.
  • Wheel loader hopper thickness 3mm.

QTP500W hopper adopts a closed type, which can be equipped with a flatbed hopper and a wooden fence, and a snow shovel can be used to remove snow and level the land. The closed hopper can be used to transport concrete, sand and gravel and construction waste on construction sites, and can also be used to transport fertilizers and agricultural products in agriculture. The closed hopper can be additionally equipped with a high baffle for transporting bulky and lightweight items to increase work efficiency. QTP500W transporter uses chain drive, 4-wheel drive, low failure rate and simple maintenance.

power barrowpower barrow

TRADE PEAK QTP500W dump truck has those services.

  1. The main structure of QTP500W is guaranteed for 18 months, and the engine is guaranteed worldwide.
  2. Provide remote troubleshooting, provide technical support.
  3. Provide a variety of wearing parts accessories.
  4. Regular reminders to maintain the product to extend the service life.
  5. Provide customized services.
  6. Provide door-to-door shipping services.
  7. Design product posters.

Power barrow QTP500W is Trade Peak New Product in 2021 which with 6 pcs pneumatic wheels 4.00-10, gas power Euro 5, EPA standard, and separated gear structure to make transmission easy and clearly. The highlight of QTP500W is with steering structure, it’s simple and convenient when people turning.

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