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TRADE PEAK Creative 600kg Hydraulic Wheel dumper QTP600W Powered Wheelbarrow

TRADE PEAK QTP600W 600kg Hydraulic Wheel dumper , exclusive research and development 6X6 drive, strong 9hp gasoline engine power, easy to work in all kinds of terrain

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Engine Power

Fuel type


Hopper Size


Load Capacity

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Wheel Size

16×4.00-10 Pneumatic Wheel


Product Details

Let ’s know about the QTP600W hydraulic wheel dump?

  • QTP600W power wheelbarrow maximum load 600kg ,0.5cbm capacity.
  • 600kg Hydraulic Wheel dumper optional Loncin, Honda and B & S 9.0 hp engine
  • 16 inch pneumatic wheel
  • hydraulic tipping hopper.
  • Driven by 11L/min large capacity hydraulic motor.
  • Fully enclosed hopper, thickness 3mm。
  • More suitable for construction, farmland transportation

Hydraulic Wheel Dump

TRADE PEAK 600KG hydraulic wheel dumper operating points and precautions.

  1. Before starting the TP600W Powered Wheelbarrow, check whether the engine has gasoline and oil. The engines we use are equipped with flameout protection, and the engine will not start when the oil is too low or there is no oil.
  2. Check the air pressure of each tire, the tire pressure is kept in working condition
  3. Check whether the oil volume of the hydraulic cylinder is normal and whether it is leaking
  4. QTP600W power barrow after the engine is started, keep idling for about 60 seconds to warm up
  5. Before starting work, try to see if each operating handle is effective to ensure equipment and personal safety during work.
  6.  QTP600W power wheelbarrow is driven by a hydraulic motor, and the oil pressure of each product has been tested before leaving the factory, so non-professionals are prohibited from adjusting the oil pressure valve
  7. QTP600W Hydraulic Wheel dumper handle is very sensitive, so push and pull slowly when operating the handle
  8. It is best not to stand on the pedals when the venue is uneven, as it is easy to cause the pedals to touch the ground.

QTP600W is a mini dump truck with 6 wheels and hydraulic system, it can move in tight places through a narrow door of 70cm. The engine is a 9.0HP gas type with a maximum load of 600kg. Electric start is optional. Suitable for a wide range of loading and hauling applications including construction and site, agriculture, landscaping, garden and distribution uses.

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