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Best QTP300E battery wheelbarrow 300kg cheapest power barrow

QTP300E battery wheelbarrow is a new energy-saving and environmentally friendly product launched by Trade Peak in response to carbon emission reduction in 2020. It is driven by a motor and has a load capacity of 300kgs. 1 forward and 1 reverse, easy to operate.

Additional information

Load Capacity




forward 0-6km/h
Reverse 0-3.6km/h

Hopper capacity




Product Details

How to choose an battery wheelbarrow?

  • Batteries and motors are the core of electric trolleys and directly affect the use of electric vehicles.
  • The first choice for the battery is the lead-acid battery, which is heavy in weight but high in safety and convenient for transportation. Second, the battery that has passed the certification of the international safety agency is selected, and the quality of the battery is guaranteed.
  • Choose brushless motor with copper coil, good quality and low failure rate.
  • The choice of charger is also very important, a good charger can charge quickly and can effectively protect the battery.

Why choose TRADE PEAK’S QTP300E battery wheelbarrow?

  1. The QTP300E was introduced to the market after more than a year of continuous testing.
  2. The driving wheel adopts 16×6.50-8 pneumatic tires。
  3. Chaowei 48v 42Ah large capacity battery.
  4. 800w DC brushless motor.
  5. Forward speed 0-6km/h,reverse speed 0-3.6kn/h.
  6. hopper capacity 160L, 300kg,manual dump.
  7. Three wheels make moving more stable.
  8. Full steel chassis, rugged and durable.

Battery wheelbarrow


The all-rounder for the transport of bulk material. Easy to get through narrow spaces and roads. Over difficult terrain.Closed tip hopper. Solid steel design.Green energy which is rising trend in future.



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