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TRADE PEAK highest quality 4×4 powered wheelbarrow 300kg capacity 6.5hp engine QTP300W

TRADE PEAK 300KG 4×4 powered wheelbarrow QTP300W as the most popular model in wheel dumper series,it’s compact body. 6.5hp Standard engine. With recoil start type , also can be mount electric start.Transmission 3F+1R gear box, exchange gear level accurately.

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16"x4.00-8 Pneumatic

Product Details

QTP300W is the most popular model in the wheeled mini dumper/ 300kg 4×4 Powered wheelbarrow

4×4 powered wheelbarrow QTP300W is Trade Peak hot selling products which with pneumatic wheels, gas power Euro 5, EPA standard, and it is with separated gear structure to make transmission easy and clearly.

The highlight of 300kg wheeled mini dumper is with steering structure, it’s simple and convenient when people turning. The different accessories can supply various options, such as high extension, log hopper, flat bed hopper, snow pusher, etc. There are 300kgs, 500kgs collection to meet your request.


QTP300W 4×4 Power barrow Main performance and features:

  • 6.5hp Petrol Engine
  • 4×4 chain drive,drive chain closed design
  • 16″Pneumatic wheel,steel wheel
  • 3mm body
  • Over to 40 degrees of obstacles and slopes can be turned over easily
  • Multi-speed heavy-duty transmissions (3 forward speeds plus reverse)
  • 660 lb capacity (level ground)
  • One handed release to easily dump where you need it

TRADE PEAK QTP300W 4×4 powered wheelbarrow, which does has 196cc gas engine with 6.5 horsepower

This stable cart is heavy duty which has all wheeled drive and handle toughed ring, with assembled operator with right and left hand brakes to control the turning. It is durable and able to handle up to 660 pounds. This 4×4 powered wheelbarrow has 3 forwards speed and 1 reverse, the empty weight is 350 pounds. The hopper is 0.4 cubic in full. It’s equipped with a manual dump and has a locking, doesn’t it?

This is a gas powered unit that’s all wheel drive, and it’s going to be a lot easier to push around a lot of materials with this and it would be a standard wheelbarrow. In fact, the unit itself weight about 350 pounds, and then you can put additional 660 pounds in it. Pushing around more than 1000 pounds when it’s fully loaded. Now, it’s going to do so with really no effort on your part, and unlike a traditional wheelbarrow that only has one wheel in the front, and it’s likely to tip over.

If you get on an angle or you have too much weight on it. On this one’s not going to have that problem. Because it has a very wide wheelbase.
6.5HP Engine


Starting a motor on, this is simple and easy because the only thing you have to do is to start the fuel on. Open the choke up, turn the throttle cable up to high, and then take the large one off switch and fill it to on. At this point, the motor is going to start right up as soon as we pull out on the recoil starter.

On the back of motor where you are going to change lever that will move from left to right. There is a reverse, a neutral, a first, a second and a third gear. The main thing to remember is you never want to change gears while the power barrow is moving, or you could easily damage the internal mechanisms.
And here’s a side by side comparison of the different speeds to start out. I will be in the first gear, as you can see I am walking very slow and I’ve excellent control with this power barrow. And it would be ideal if it was completely loaded down.

I was loading it on a trailer or in the back of the truck, because it’s not going to get away from me. But in 3rd gear, it is a very fast mode, you would want to not have this power barrow loaded down, or be on very steep inclines, because it could get away from you, it’s going much more faster than the other two.

Now loaded down with more material. It’d be easy to put it into 2nd gear, you can walk a lot faster, it’s hauling all the weight, and I’m not having to put in the effort into it. You only need to steer this power barrow, and then finally, when you are backing it up, manually it around, that’s going to be the same speed as first gear. It’s not going to run over top of you because it is going very slow, and it still gives you excellent control.

4×4 QTP300W Power barrow optional accessories

snow shovel,                                                                          fence

4x4 powered wheelbarrow500 kgs Wooden plate





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