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Best-performing 500kg lifting mini dumper truck perfect QTP500J

QTP500J lifting mini dumper truck is the most representative product launched by Trade Peak in 2015, with a loading height of 1800mm and a carrying capacity of 500kg.


Additional information

Engine Brand

Engine Power

Fuel type

Diesel, Gas

Load Capacity

Packing size


Track Width


Product Details

Main parameters and features of QTP500J lifting dumper truck

  1.   9.0hp Gas /Diesel engine.
  2.   3 forward parties and 1 reverse gear, the gearbox is designed with high and low speed.
  3.   1.5-3.5km/h speed.
  4.   Maximum loading height 180cm.
  5.   Maximum width 70cm.
  6.   Can pass 40 degree obstacles.
  • The highlight of the QTP500J mini dumper truck is that it can be lifted to load and unload goods for the truck.
  • QTP500J can provide a mobile platform for working at heights.Widely used in orchard picking and garden pruning.

lifting mini dumper truck


How to choose a crawler truck dumper?

  • It is very important to choose the brand of the engine, which is related to whether the local engine has after-sales service.
  • Choose a load, which affects your range of use.
  • Crawler vehicles have two drive modes: gearbox and hydraulic motor. The price of the two modes is very different, the price of the gearbox is low.
  • To know the width of the car body, to ensure that the narrow aisle can easily pass.

Why recommend QTP500J lifting mini dumper truck?

  1. QTP500J uses 3F+2R gearbox transmission, which has good adaptability and high cost performance.
  2. The QTP500J dump truck integrates transport and lift functions, which can meet the transport requirements and can also load items into the truck.
  3. QTO500J can be used as a mobile platform for orchards and gardens.
  4. Buildings, gardens, and farmland can all be used for transportation, improving work efficiency and replacing rickshaws.
  5. The maximum width is 70cm, which can work in small spaces.
  6. QTP500J is a multi-purpose machine, there is no reason not to recommend it.

mini dumper trucktruck dumper

What we can provide for you?
1.24hours online for service, responds you on the first time.
2.Strict quality inspection for each item, leaving in factory for 1week after assembling to ensure pass the test.
3.Directly sighting loading site, confirming goods status in time.
4.Own shipping company protect your goods and value on sea travel.
5.Covered by 18 month warranty for commercial, online instruction for repair and routine maintenance as extended service out warranty.

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