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Beautiful some common situations about mini dumper


Now is mini dumper the spring purchase season, all of you start arranging purchase plan I guess.

As many clients’ requests, here we collect some common situations in usage from buyers, will share some solutions in this page, hope this way can help you know our machine well, if you already bought our mini dumper, then you even more could not miss it .

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How to choose the engine of the mini dumper truck.

As mini dumper, no matter it is manual tipping, hydraulic tipping or self loading, engine is the first thing we should pay attention on it. Although we use famous brand, it is better for you know some simple and easy fix way. For instance, make sure there is full engine oil in it. When you got products, open the engine cap, and you will see the clear rule line to know it. It should be checked every week. Some of you will purchase an engine with manual starter, some will be electric. To start a cold engine, move the choke lever to the CLOSE position. To restart a warm engine, leave the chock lever in the OPEN position.

What happens to the mini dumper after a period of use?

Then is the adjustment for mini dumper truck clutch. When the clutch begins to show wear, the handle reach will become wider, making it more difficult to reach. Please loosen the jam nut by turning it counter clockwise with 10mm wrench. Tighten or loosen the cable by turning the cable adjustment nut clockwise or counter clockwise with 10mm wrench until you have reached your required tightness.

The steering adjustment is same as clutch, only once tightness is set, return the jam nut against the handle to hold the cable in place. If the above method doesn’t create enough cable tension, follow the steps below:

Loosen the jam nut by turning it counter clockwise with 12mm wrench. Tighten or loosen the cable by turning the cable adjustment nut clockwise or counter clockwise with 10mm wrench until you have reached it. This is the common problem during your dumper usage, so i think you could know it familiarly.

The next is for lubrication. Generally, lightly lubricate all moving parts of the machine at end of the season or every 25 operating hours, and the gear box is pre-lubricated and sealed at our factory. Unless there is evidence of leakage or service has been performed on the gearbox, no additional lubrication should be required until 50 hours use. After the first 50 hours usage, change all the gear oil at one time, and capacity is 1.5L. For the future use, check the oil level after every 50 hours of use. If you remove the oil level plug and no oil flows out, please add oil and then screw it. Gear oil No. Is GL-5 or GL-6, SAE80W -90 is recommended on QTP300B, QTP300C, QTP500B and QTP500C which mounted with gearbox.

Mini dumper Package

For the above solutions for some common problems in your usage, you could check it one by one according to your own situation. Maybe it won’t happen until now, but I think you could save it and know some parts of that for the future. And of course, this is what we collected for you based on our partners and customers feedback. Maybe there will be more fresh problems come out, if it happens, just get back to us and our engineer team will solve and check it for you.

In a word, we never stop growing up and we do hopefully to meet your more requests in future, meanwhile, we promise your every choice in Trade Peak is worth, no matter for product quality or service, all TP members are trying to give the best to you. So hope to get much more inquiries and chance from you in this beautiful March, you won’t be disappointed!

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