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4 x 4 Power Barrow is the Best Construction Helper For Your Work


Welcome to TP mini dumper collection, Samantha is ready for today’s topic. As we all know, a power barrow or wheelbarrow is one of the popular machines in your daily work, especially for some small contractors, even for the middle construction site and building work. Trade Peak QTP300N power barrow is with Gasoline fuel type, 196cc, 6.5hp by Loncin engine, 5.5hp by Honda engine is ready to ship. Regarding to the many questions on this model, please allow me to introduce this one for your reference.

power barrow

Trade Peak power barrow QTP300N

is with 4.00-8 pneumatic wheels to support 300kgs load capacity. During your different using conditions, it could match all terrain fields. For example, when you use it in your garden, the 4 pneumatic wheels could supply a better use experience on the grass, at the same time, if you carry different stuff, including cement, stones, soil, or other material, it could provide a strong load capacity. There will be muddy or dirty roads and no more excuses for Trade Peak power barrow to go through.

Narrow Width for Power Barrow

With the hopper width of 635mm, easily move into narrow places. The separated direction function can help you turn left and right conveniently, you may not realize this difference from the other similar barrows which is only needed your strength to carry it left and right. You could imagine that fully loading 300kgs on a wheelbarrow in the sunshine weather, you are sweating and have to use your own labor to make it turn, what a disastrous condition! Trade Peak Wheelbarrow solves it for you immediately!

Transmission for Power Barrow

Under the transmission 3 forward and 1 reverse, it could compare with all 300kg, even 500kgs mini dumpers at the same operation level. Neutral position, 1 forwarder, 2 forwarders, then the fastest speed 4–6km/h at 3 forwarders, 0–3km/h that is for the reverse.

Trade Peak power barrow 300kgs can make your daily work simple and smart. Matching the various attachments, such as bucket extension, blade, log hopper, flatbed hopper, flat bed hopper frame, and 10’’ wheels, all of these can be matched on this wheelbarrow. Carrying the wood pieces, loading more kinds of stuff, cleaning the leaves or snow, and even getting a much stronger and more powerful movement. All these optional accessories could offer you a better selling method to different clients.

Package for Power Barrow

With 85% assembled package way which makes 96pcs loaded into 40HQ container at one time, preparing the instruction book and tools to make your DIY easy and clear. The mainframes and structure are already tested and matched very well before shipment, the only thing you have to do is to add wheels and a metal bucket into the dumper. The gear oil is fully added into it, there is no need to replace it until the first 50 hours using, that’s a nice machine for your any construction work. Considering some resellers or wholesalers who want to use their own brand, including the colors, logos, stickers, or any details, Trade Peak could support you to make it all come true.

attachment on powerbarrow

You may worry about the replacements, we take responsibility for all the spare parts of our machine. Honestly speaking, we got lots of requests for buying spare parts, such as clutch handles, direction handles, or cables, even though the gearbox. I can’t guarantee we are the best, but I have the confidence to tell you that we are the trusted suppliers who keep direct communications with buyers.

For now, one more piece of good news is sharing with you, Power barrow QTP300N is in stock and ready to ship! If you are looking for this kind of machine, or want to get a sample, it could be delivered within 7 working days by the sea or by train to your address. No matter what I say, I firmly recommended you test this machine as your first product in the construction field. If any questions, do not hesitate to contact Samantha at any time.

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