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Powerful Self-loading Mini Dumper QTP500H


In the next few minutes, I will introduce you to the Trade Peak QTP500H self-loading mini dumper. The presentation is divided into several sections, so you can scroll directly to the part you are interested in. Using the chapters in the description.

The sections about self-loading mini dumpers are:

Unboxing, assembly, fueling the engine with oil and gasoline, and starting, followed by a presentation of the machine and some working samples. Also in the description are some links to several stores, where you can find out the updated price and other additional information about the product.

This self-loading mini dumper is pre-assembled, and the operations required for commissioning are few and very simple, so the mini dumper can be delivered directly to the construction site or to the farm. For assembly and start-up, a person with minimal mechanical knowledge is needed, a knife, a pair of pliers, a set of keys, 1 liter of SAE10W30 oil, and 4 liters of gasoline oil, we are going to assemble this – Almost assembled, except for oil, gasoline and so on.

self-loading mini dumper QTP500H
self-loading mini dumper QTP500H

We install the support and control levers. Control levers are screwed into the hydraulic distributor, then tightened against the nuts to prevent accident loosening. The last part of the assembly is to mount the loading cup. It is fixed with four screws, two on each side. Firmly tighten the fixing screws.

The self-loading mini dumper is equipped with a waterproof and dustproof container for documentation. Read the instructions carefully and familiarize yourself with the machine before using it! Keep the documentation in the container for future reference.

To add oil to the engine, unscrews the dipstick cap, and add 0.95 liters of engine oil, SAE10W30. See the instructions for more information and the oil change schedule. Tighten the cap tightly. This engine runs on unleaded gasoline with an octane number of min.95, and the tank capacity is 6.1 liters. The fuel must be passed through the tank filter to retain any impurities. We wipe the fuel spilled on the tank with a cloth.

The capacity of the tank for hydraulic oil is 22.5 liters on the self-loading mini dumper QTP500H and comes pre-loaded from the factory. Immediately after starting the engine, we open the choke. At the top, from left to right, we have the following controls: the throttle lever, forward and reverse levers for each track, the bucket and bucket tilt levers, and the ground speed control lever.

Now, let’s go to the sides of the self-loading mini dumpers.

On the right side, on side, there are two taps for limiting the bucket and bucket speed. The valve for limiting the tipping speed. The operation of the steering and travel levers is intuitive, with the tracks moving in the direction in which the corresponding lever is operated.

1600×900 细节图

For turns a single lever is operated, or both, but in different directions, and for travel, both levers are actuated simultaneously, in the same direction. The stroke of the levers influences the speed of rotation, thus, at the end of the stroke, the maximum speed is reached. The first lever on the left is the throttle lever, and the last lever on the right controls the speed of the tracks.

Parking brake. The full hydraulic transmission ensures very good control of the machine, with engine power directed precisely and very efficiently for travel, or for loading/unloading operations. Maneuverability is also very good, even on slippery surfaces.

Following are some work samples of the self-loading mini dumper, namely loading, moving, and unloading maneuvers. The download is easy and complete. The loading bucket rakes well, and the surface remains clean, without debris. The operator can move on the folding platform or on his feet.

After learning this self-loading mini dumper, you may still be interested in some deeper details, please go ahead to our website, or contact Samantha for further discussion. Furthermore, if you like this, please give me a thumb and I will keep sharing more pieces of information on the mini dumper.

mini dumper

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