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A fantastic real-world introduction of Trade Peak Tracked Mini-Dumper in The Winter Snow


We got this tracked mini-dumper three years ago when we were doing landscaping for the house. It’s turned out to be super useful and we still use it almost daily, so I wanted to do a little real-world introduction of how it works in the snow.

It has a 196cc Honda knockoff motor, three forward, neutral, and reverse, it’s a non-synchronized transmission, I mean it has to stop to change the gears, it has skid steer steering, and you apply a break on whichever side you are wanting to turn towards, this can get a little tricky, to engage the drive you push it down on a lever with your left hand and squeeze the lever underneath at the same time to turn left.

Some detail part of tracked mini dumper
Some detailed parts of tracked mini-dumper

This tracked mini-dumper is rated for a 660 pounds payload, I have never had a way over than when moving rock and have handled it with no issue.

The dump box is gas shock assisted and is balanced so you can easily dump a full load with one hand, the one catch is from the front of the dump touches the ground when dumping, so you have to dump them back out of your load to dump the full load,

As you can see that tracked mini-dumper goes through a foot of fresh snow with no issue, it’s actually easier loaded when empty, it kind of wants the catwalk in the deep snow, but you have to hold up the handles to counteract it.

Here I am going out on a little causeway I’ve built with this tracked mini-dumper over the last couple of summers, it’s a little lane spot between our house and the lake, just recently beavers have cut down a couple of little trees, and they’ve fallen across the causeway, you can see where I step off the causeway, and my foot goes through the ice, luckily, there is only a foot of water underneath.

This little electric chainsaw has been a real game changer around the house and the cabin, I thought I was recording some award-winning drone footage of all this, but I wanted to find out that I embarrassingly forgot to hit the record of the Drone app.

So this is the introduction of this tracked mini-dumper quality by any means I’ve had to make a couple of small repairs already.

tracked mini dumper 300kgs

Further to the price point, I think you’re getting your money’s worth and I have no regrets about buying it. It’s been a big helper around the house. this spring, it’s heading up to the cabin to use for a couple of major projects up there, I just park it beside the woodshed and put on an old wash-up over the engine.

Now, a faster board details in front of the tracked mini-dumper and then you will find out how to get up and drive. I have mainly for firewood, so above, all firewood is looking forward to knowing back upstairs and splitting, machine is in the barn the light is still the same.

It can hold certainly only be perfected with metal and bourgeois, and what do I know, the side walls can be removed, and everything folds out, but you can pull it out now if you continue, the bracket below us the ball head is true, there is actually the snow shield installed, and there is raising down where the whole thing then works, so if you need to lift the snow blade, you have to pull out the lever.


Except for this attachment, the high extension bucket is still useful for carrying the longer woods, you may need a nylon rope to fix them, at the same time, the one-closed bucket could be replaced on this 600 payload tracked mini dumper for you to make some liquid, such as cement, soil, etc.

The most important attachment on this tracked mini-dumper is the wood plate, which with 6 square frames all around the frame, this one could get your wood anywhere that you want, with the square bottom structure can match on dumper very well, and the top-selling attachments on tracked mini dumper deserve you to give more time and energy in daily work.

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