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QTP500C 500kg hydraulic mini truck attractive 500kg tracked dumper

Tracked self-unloading hydraulic mini truck,  500kg capacity with 6.5hp or 9.0hp engine. Gear box transmission and hydraulic dumping system, saving time and effort. The rubber track meets different terrains such as snow, gravel, soil, wetland, etc.

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How to choose 500kg hydraulic mini truck tracked dumper

  • To choose 500kg tracked dumper, first consider the items you will be transporting and the road conditions you will be using,
    and then choose the shape of the hopper you will be using. The stretchable hopper is suitable for bulky and light-weight items, and the closed hopper is suitable for sand, masonry, etc., which are heavy and inconvenient to unload, and can be dumped directly.
  • choice of power. If your site is relatively flat, you can choose a low-horsepower engine, which saves fuel without affecting work efficiency. If you use it on mountains and muddy roads, choose a high-horsepower engine, which can avoid Not functioning properly due to lack of power.

hydraulic mini dumperhydraulic mini dumper

Features of TRADE PEAK QTP500C 500kg tracked dump truck

  1. QTP500C 500kg tracked dumper has two different powers of 6.5hp and 9.0hp to choose from. The power brands include Honda, Briggs & Stratton and Loncin.
  2. QTP500C Gearbox transmission, adopts 3F+1R one-line gear and installs a gear plate, which is easy to operate.
  3. QTP500C hydraulic oil tank is stamped and formed at one time to avoid oil leakage from the source. hydraulic cylinder flow is 10.8L/min.
  4. QTP500C the maximum retractable size of the squarehopper is 1025-1155mm in length and 625-885mm in width. The closed hopper is suitable for transporting various sandy soil and flowing items
  5. QTP500C rubber tracked won’t damage hardened pavement .
  6. Can Pass Through 80cm Minimum Narrow Doors And Aisles

mini dumper


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