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Best-selling 9.0hp engine power tracked barrow 6F+2R gearbox hydraulic tip

The Trade Peak 500kg power tracked barrow, turning up with a diamond released handle, easily dump the hopper wherever you want. Manual safely and efficiently with 6 forwarder speed options and 2 reverse.

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Product Details

What improvements did the 500kg power tracked barrow QTP501C make?

  • QTP501C tracked transporter is equipped with 6F+2R gearbox with high and low speed to meet different speed requirements.
  • QTP501C power tracked barrow the height from the ground is increased from 7cm to 12cm, which is more adaptable and can even be transported by climbing stairs。
  • Improved two rollers that can float up and down, making it more stable for the tracked vehicle to pass through obstacles
  • QTP501C mini truck optional 9 horsepower engine, strong power.
  • The hydraulic oil tank is retrofitted to the chassis to shorten the oil supply distance, improve work efficiency and optimize the space of the console

mini truck

Matters needing attention when using QTP501C dump truck.

  1. The QTP501C engine is equipped with an oil protector. Before use, check whether the engine gasoline and oil dipstick have oil, otherwise it will not start.
  2. Check the tightness of the rubber track, too loose will easily derail, too tight will affect the service life of the track. It is appropriate to press the middle section of the crawler to make the crawler sink 1cm.
  3. QTP501C is a gearbox transmission, you must press the clutch handle when shifting gears.
  4. After using for a period of time, the transmission belt will loosen and adjust the tightness in time.
  5. The steering cable has been debugged before leaving the factory, do not adjust it at will.
  6. New QTP501C dump truck needs to change the transmission oil after 1 month of use.


What services does TRADE PEAK provide to QTP501C power tracked barrow.

  • QTP501C is guaranteed for 18 months, and wearing parts are not included.
  • Can be customized color, logo.
  • The load can be customized 500-800kg
  • Hopper can be customized square, stretchable and closed.

QTP501C 500kg mini truck is a popular crawler dumper in garden, constructions, farm works.

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